Revival I - XVIIIe siècle

Exhibition co-curated by Laura Gowen and Rachel Cole

Sara Anstis, Aglaé Bassens, Carine Bovey, Milano Chow, Ryan Driscoll, Genieve Figgis, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, Louise Giovanelli, Brice Guilbert, Asif Hoque, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Sanam Khatibi, Giuliano Macca, Quentin James McCaffrey, Sébastien Mettraux, Emily Marie Miller Coan, Jesse Mockrin, Nicolas Party, Robert Russell, Gretchen Scherer, Jake Wood-Evans, Sofia Yeganeh, Flora Yukhnovich

January 19 2023 - April 29 2023

Just Ended Exhibition

Melting Pot. Selected ceramic and textile works by Joana Vasconcelos and Ai Weiwei
September 07 2022 - December 23 2022

Past Exhibition

James Nachtwey
June 29 2022 - September 03 2022

Past Exhibition

Waiting for Jim

Alan Charlton, Claude Cortinovis, Davide La Rocca, Don McCullin, James Nachtwey, Aurélie Pétrel, Ma Sibo

April 28 2022 - June 25 2022

Past Exhibition

Song of the Chimeras by Yuval Avital
February 24 2022 - April 23 2022

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